Upcoming Internet stars VS Big name celebrities

The media world is taking over becoming a new outlet to make yourself discovered!
Content is king!!! (Or so they say)
Now and days we can market & promote your talents via youtube, facebook, twitter, etc.
The new talent makes it easier to connect with them and become features on your site, blog, for interviews etc.

That’s the difference with new big internet sensation stars such as Spoken Reasons Spoken Reasons
Jenna Marble
Jenna Marbles
And my new favorite Darmirra Brunson!!!

These people are paving the way for upcoming people like myself.
Spoken reasons have a motto I believe that its great! “Faith, Hard-work, & Consistency” Which is great you can make anything happen for yourself as long as you are determined to reach you goals in life. Its no different from wanting a better paying job, wanting a college degree, wanting to have a career!

But for celebrities who have made it and have stay on top they made it difficult to reach them. Unless you know somebody who knows somebody who know their manager then you won’t get a helping hand really. I completely understand all of the precautions. I am regular person and I have a million precaution with everyday life living in Chicago.

This is something I am personally seeing for myself as I slowly enter this field of this industry. I find it very difficult to get 100 viewer let alone 1 million to get my point across, unless I come out of my pockets A LOT…

I salute all the new talent breaking through the competition and making you mark. I will also be a brand some to be recognized.

New Field Productions will succeed and become a household name!


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