Quinn announces $7 million to divert non-violent offenders to community programs


Governor Pat Quinn announced Monday that Illinois is allocating $7 million to divert non-violent offenders from prisons to community programs.

The funding will be distributed in 31 counties through the “Adult Redeploy Illinois” program.

It provides financial incentives to counties and circuit courts to create or expand diversion programs that encourage local supervision of eligible non-violent offenders.

Over the last two years “Adult Redeploy Illinois” sites have helped save more than $17 million in potential corrections costs.

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Miley Cyrus: Dating Kellan Lutz Is A Great Idea

Hollywood Life

Miley, if Kellan makes you laugh, feel good about yourself and supports your career, then I think he’s the perfect guy for you!

Miley Cyrus, ever since reports surfaced that you and Kellan Lutz were hooking up, I’ve been so excited! I’ve always been a huge fan of Kellan, ever since the Twilight films and he was always the nicest one of the cast when I met him at movie premieres. Not only does he have jaw-dropping good looks, he has a great sense of humor, exactly what you need right now.

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December 16th, 2013

With nine days until Christmas and 16 days until the new year. There are a million things to accomplish at New Field Productions. Excited news is in the works for a new production studio and new equipment for new film & event production projects.

January brings in the promo for the investment party.

February brings in our completely FREE Grand Opening Production party!!!

March brings in our Chicago Artist Fundraiser to help students study abroad.

And everything else will just fall into place.

I am extremely excited about all the great things ahead.

There will be fun, food & great networking opportunities!!

Also check out www.NewFieldProductions.com for weekly updates.