Help Us Raise Money PLEASE!!!

Campaign for New Field Productions Films from Frankie Williams on Vimeo.


Project Greenlight Returns

I am so excited to announce that Project Greenlight has returned. I am also excited and pleased to announce that New Field Productions will be submitting a film!!

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 4.29.49 PM

I will post one of out hit films, well it was a hit in Columbia College Chicago 🙂

Bottles Bags & Buds from Frankie Williams on Vimeo.


Is Weed Worst than Tobacco?

I saw a post on Facebook than I thought was funny because people who smoked weed would certainly come to the rescue of their weed. When you see this photo what comes to mind?

Reacts to photo below:

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 8.51.12 AM


Ready for Spring to officially hit Chicago

We might be in luck people well for a few days anyway!

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Get Ready for Queen B, Miss Queen D

New Field Productions helped created her vision she would like to portray for BGC (Bad Girls Club)


Dorothy's Blog Photo

BGC Audition Tape


Reasons for the Long Break

I have not posted anything new since December 2013.
I was networking and creating events to officially launch New Field Productions.
Things we going great.

Until late January when my mother got sick. I immediately put a haul on everything. Every project, every gig, EVERYTHING!

I nursed my mother in every way possible, but I failed in my attempts because on Sunday, February 2nd, 2014. I lost my mother. I did not handle her lost well at all. I completely shutdown mentally.

I try to stay focused on school. Not that a little time has gone by I am putting my mind but into this.

I will continue working on better in memory of my mother.






Happy 2014 From New Field Productions!!!

Happy 2014!!!


2014 New Field Productions Event Line-UP

2014 will be a fun year

2014 will be a fun year


My best new job!!!! Easy Money

As a part-time worker who is trying to leave my job, I found a real legit opporunity as a Tracy’s Closet Brand Ambassadors. I was very happy and shocked when I received money in the mail. I forgot all about signing up for the job.
It is a great opportunity for easy money especially as a single mom. I’m all about my positive hustle.

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