Woman Helps Ducklings, Gets Traffic Ticket


A woman trying to help some baby ducklings is now in trouble with the law.

Hallie Bibeau said she was driving in Newfields, New Hampshire last week when she narrowly missed hitting the stranded ducklings.

Bibeau said, “I could hear them peeping, and I looked over the right hand side of the road, and I saw that their mom had been hit and was dead on the side, so I couldn’t just continue on.”

When she looked on the side of the road, Bibeau says the mother duck had been hit and was dead.

She called 911.

When a state trooper arrived, she gave Bibeau a $100 ticket for stopping in the median, which is a prohibited area.

The officer said, “Stopping for an injured duck or ducklings is not what we would consider to be an emergency.”

Bibeau said she will contest the ticket, but even if she has…

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James Brown Life Story

Here’s the official trailer for “Get on Up” the story of James Brown


Project Greenlight Returns

I am so excited to announce that Project Greenlight has returned. I am also excited and pleased to announce that New Field Productions will be submitting a film!!

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 4.29.49 PM

I will post one of out hit films, well it was a hit in Columbia College Chicago 🙂

Bottles Bags & Buds from Frankie Williams on Vimeo.


Is Weed Worst than Tobacco?

I saw a post on Facebook than I thought was funny because people who smoked weed would certainly come to the rescue of their weed. When you see this photo what comes to mind?

Reacts to photo below:

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 8.51.12 AM


Ready for Spring to officially hit Chicago

We might be in luck people well for a few days anyway!

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 6.03.11 AM


Get Ready for Queen B, Miss Queen D

New Field Productions helped created her vision she would like to portray for BGC (Bad Girls Club)


Dorothy's Blog Photo

BGC Audition Tape


Reasons for the Long Break

I have not posted anything new since December 2013.
I was networking and creating events to officially launch New Field Productions.
Things we going great.

Until late January when my mother got sick. I immediately put a haul on everything. Every project, every gig, EVERYTHING!

I nursed my mother in every way possible, but I failed in my attempts because on Sunday, February 2nd, 2014. I lost my mother. I did not handle her lost well at all. I completely shutdown mentally.

I try to stay focused on school. Not that a little time has gone by I am putting my mind but into this.

I will continue working on better in memory of my mother.






Happy 2014 From New Field Productions!!!

Happy 2014!!!


2014 New Field Productions Event Line-UP

2014 will be a fun year

2014 will be a fun year