Dave Chappelle Tour… Next Stop Chicago

Yes you read correctly Dave Chappelle will be in Chicago tonight!!!!!
Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 1.34.16 PM

But many are concerned about him walking off the stage like did Thursday night.

What do you expect when people are being rude and “doing the most” there is only so much a human being can take and yes Dave Chappelle is human.

People buy tickets to come to his show & act a fool with him. He still gets paid dumbasses!!!!
This is my blog so this how I feel you don’t like it… get over it!!!

You keep your head up Dave you still have plenty of fans & comedy needs you!!! We need the true and that’s what you are!



Creating a Calm Down Box

Kim's Counseling Corner

The idea of a calm down bin for kids is a fantastic concept that has been around for a while. I have a calm down box in my play room and I am always looking for new ideas on how to build these with my clients. Personal side note: my “calm down box” involves a warm bath, candles, glass of wine, and spa CD, but kids don’t necessarily go for that!

When to use:

These are perfect for encouraging your child to calm down from a tantrum, occupy themself while waiting for something (say lunch), or anytime they feel frustrated, angry, or even sad. Everything in your box should represent a positive and acceptable means of managing emotions.

There are a couple of blogs that recently highlighted the calm down box idea- Here We Are Together and Positive Parenting. They offer some good descriptions on putting together your boxes.


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‘Transformers 4’ Filming Means Excitement, But Traffic Issues

CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — Listen very carefully: if you see giant alien robots destroying our city this weekend, DO NOT PANIC.

It’s just Michael Bay playing with his toys.

Sure, it’s an honor to have big budget flicks–like Bay’s “Transformers 4”–filming in our city.

It brings in money and excitement, but there is a price — traffic, road closures and no parking zones.

Click here to get the full details on those closures and parking restrictions.

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CTA waiving $5 Ventra card fee for rest of 2013


[trib_ndn vid=25115992]ventra

If you plan to use the new Ventra cards to ride the CTA, you’re getting a little financial break.

From now through the end of the year, the agency is waiving the $5 fee for the transit card.

But you have to get it online, or by calling or visiting the Ventra office.

Chicago card customers will begin to transition to Ventra starting in the middle of next month.

Riders are advised to spend down the value on their existing fare cards but balances can be transferred to the new Ventra system.

For more information, go to ventrachicago.com

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Chicago Rappers

I am getting more into the Chicago music scene. I have a newfound interest in Chicago artist Chance the Rapper. I actually saw post for his local shows in my neighborhood but I was never about to make it. Then one of my friends actually put me on to his music. I thought it was hot!

Then I notice his video on MTV


I also have friends that are rappers and I support them full-heartedly!

From DonPerrion

Ace Da Vinci

Chance the Rapper

But Don’t get it twisted ladies are killing it too!

Sasha go Hard

Brook Heralynn

Sade Dae Jones

There are plenty of Chicago rappers these are just the ones to look out for.